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Forecasting Training - Demand Planning Training Courses

Forecast Solutions provides expert sales forecasting and demand planning training.  We carry out online training that is trainer-led, effectively creating a remote classroom.  In more normal times we are also able to deliver training at one of our preferred venues in Oxfordshire, UK or at your company's own office in UK or Europe.

A two day workshop was recently carried out through the Zoom platform for delegates from a leading supplier of childrens' games and learning aids:

"I certainly found the course helpful and I am looking to review our processes and suggest alternatives to our senior management team, based on what I learnt from you.  Thanks for your help and advice"
Hannah Gillies,  Forecasting and Demand Planning Co-ordinator,  Learning Resources Limited

Demand planning and forecasting courses are suitable for demand planners, demand managers, inventory managers, forecasting executives, purchasing and supply chain, sales and marketing.  Every effort is made to match course content and skill level to best suit the needs of the delegates.

Forecast Solutions training focuses on demand planning and sales forecasting.  In the most comprehensive of the courses, the Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop, there is also coverage of some supply planning issues including stock planning and setting safety stocks. 

All of our training is backed up with worked examples in Excel, so delegates are left with working templates for a number of simple but effective methods.

Some of our most popular courses:

  • Introduction to Sales Forecasting (1 day / 7 hrs)

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop (2 days / 14 hrs)

  • Forecasting in Excel (1 day / 7 hrs)

  • Advanced Planning and Forecasting (1 day / 7 hrs)

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A brief description of the main courses follows below.

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Introduction to Sales Forecasting (1 day)

This introductory training starts with a description of the main different approaches to demand forecasting.  Some practical methods for analysing and dealing with seasonality are described.  The course proceeds to give a working knowledge of some simple but effective forecasting techniques including curve fitting, moving averages and the family of exponential smoothing methods.  We touch on the challenges of forecasting for new products and promotions.

Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop (2 days)

This, the most comprehensive of our training courses, is also the most popular.  The basics of demand forecasting are covered as in the one day forecasting course described above, then some of the key areas are developed in greater detail and there are additional topics. Differences in approach for short term forecasting and for sales and operations planning are explored and there is ample discussion around best practice method and process as might be applicable in your company. 

Other subjects include forecast accuracy measurement, forecasting for S&OP and the use of EPOS data.  The basics of stock policy are covered including the calculation of safety stock for fast moving and slow moving items.

Forecasting in Excel (1 day)

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to explore the use of Excel for sales forecasting.  It pulls together a range of tools that can be found or easily constructed in Excel, plus some useful aspects of the Data Analysis and Solver add-ins.  A detailed knowledge is provided for a number of the most useful forecasting techniques and how to implement them in Excel. 

It will clarify the capabilities and limitations of Excel as a potential platform for a demand forecasting system.  Prior knowledge of Excel to an intermediate level is desirable for this course.

Advanced Forecasting and Planning (1 day)

This additional training is provided for delegates who have previously attended the Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop or have reached a similar skill level through other training or work experience. The subject matter is tailored to cover a selection of the most useful and relevant set of topics to a more advanced level. Attention can be given to the processes as well as techniques that may be of most benefit to you and your company.