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Forecasting Service - Sales Forecasting Outsource

A forecasting service can be provided in the event that the company's internal resources are limited on a temporary or permanent basis. We can make use of our extensive experience and specialist software to provide a forecasting outsource service. It can operate in a number of alternative ways:

  • A regular visit can be made to your company site in order to carry out or give expert assistance in the sales forecast update process and the use of your own forecasting software.

  • A full outsource of the sales forecasting process can be provided. The sales forecasting database is established using market-leading software and is operated remotely. There is no need for a software purchase. Exchange of data, market intelligence overrides and reports operate via the internet.

  • Another alternative is possible. We can implement and host your forecasting system and create a statistical baseline forecast for you. Then you can access the system remotely in order to review the forecast, input your commercial judgement insights and overrides, and run reports.

Flexible Demand Forecasting Service Delivery

Whichever option is chosen, the aim is to make maximum use of existing sales forecasting software and other resources and to complement them with the additional cost-effective input necessary to produce a first class sales forecast and a direction of continual improvement.

The frequency of the service is determined by the task in hand. For example, a short term demand forecasting system may require a weekly update, whereas forecasts for sales and operations planning, budgeting and strategic planning will need less frequent revision.

As well as using time series forecasting methods such as exponential smoothing in the most effective way Forecast Solutions is also skilled in demand analysis and econometric modelling using regression analysis to quantify the effect on sales or market share of drive factors such as pricing, weather or economic indicators. Please visit our Services page for a more comprehensive list of the services we can provide.

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